Sunday, December 25, 2011

Borgia Art Gallery/Blue, Purple & Yellow/Templar Only

20 Agents
5 Dama Rossa
5 Teddor Viscardi
5 Dante Moro
5 Horse Merchant

10 Sites
5 Borgia Tower
5 Art Gallery

20 Actions
5 Calling all Stand-ins
5 Court Order
5 A Call to Action
5 By Order of the King

Total: 50 Memories

I noticed Borgia Tower and Art Gallery combo very well with 0 or low cost Agents. Initially, I only used either Borgia Tower or Art Gallery but later switched to using both as I wasn't drawing enough of either. Dante Moro and Court Order provide defense and By Order of the King helps to thin the deck. Calling all Stand-ins is for middle to late game and should wrap up the victory.

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