Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Templar Expertise Guide and deck-building suggestions

I'll try to provide a guide here on the things the Help section in the game doesn't cover.

Yellow Golden Expertise
- Main winning condition: Sites
- has mass-destruction cards (site+agents): Animus Reboot

Red Faith Expertise
- Main winning condition: Sites
- Agents mostly have Recover ability
- has card against Purple Media Expertise and Green Scholar Expertise

Black Crime Expertise
- Too few cards to cipher the winning condition but I'm guessing it is through Agents? I'm reading that there are other win condition cards in Black Crime Expertise.

Purple Media Expertise
- Main winning condition: Agents
- Weenie-swam strategy available
- has cards against Sites

Blue Order Expertise
- Main winning condition: Agents
- most cards in Templar set
- has counterspell! (Magic: The Gathering's famous card: one that can negate other cards)
- has a lot of vanilla (no abilities) and Official-ability Agents
- has an unblockable Agent (uncommon card that is quite difficult to get)
- has cards against Sites and Black Crime Expertise
- works with Green Scholar Expertise
- has a +2 power to all Templar Agents (Templar set agents?) rare card

Green Scholar Expertise
- Main winning condition: Sites
- Assassin packs will provide the powerful card drawing and card advantage mechanics
- has cards against Purple Media and Red Faith
- has mass-bounce cards (Site+agents): Impending Pandemic

You are allowed to mix up to 2 expertise color, not including yellow, so you can have 3 expertise too. It will be obvious that expertise with the same winning condition will complement each other. For Agent-based decks, I'm figuring it will be like Yugioh; if you keep to the same type (Nobles, Militants, etc) there will be more synergy. There are quite a few cards that are specifically to counter other Expertise but since there is no sideboard in the game, I guess it is too situational and best used in single player.

Now, back to more packs opening!

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