Thursday, December 22, 2011

Templar Golden Expertise Card List

Credits to Ubisoft for all the cards. My own comments (if any) to the card in italics below the card ability.

1: Trader. No ability

2: Militant. No ability

3: Neutralize target Site or launching Site

4: Noble. Fierce

5: Official

6: Surprise. Target Agent's Power becomes 0.

1: Trader. No ability

2: Trader. No ability

3: No ability

4: No ability

5: Trader. No ability

6: Trader. Has +1/+1 for each Site you control

1: No ability

2: Surprise: Your Agents regain their lost health

3: No ability

4: Surprise: Switch the Power and Health of target Agent. Draw a memory
It replaces itself with a card.

5: Pay 10 gold: Switch Sequences with Opponent. Sacrifice Forgotten Temple.

6: Neutralize all Agents, Sites and launching memories. Your Score on each Region becomes 3.

1: X is the number of sites you control

2: No ability

3: Herald. Each day, players draw an extra memory and get +1 income
Income is your permanent gold pool.

4: When you get +1 gold, score 1 in this region
Combos with The Spaniard memory (card before this)

5: Your score in target Region becomes Opponent's Score

6: Opponent get +4 income
Income is your permanent gold pool.

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