Thursday, December 22, 2011

Templar Faith Expertise Card List

Credits to Ubisoft for all the cards. My own comments (if any) to the card in italics below the card ability.

1: Priest. Tap this agent: Target Agent regains its lost Health. (resolves as Action)

2: Target Site or launching Site gets +2 influence.

3: Knight. No ability.

4: Knight. Recover.

5: Target Agent or Site loses all abilities. (Launching abilities will have no effect)

6: Knight. Always Safe.
Combos with Mass Destruction memories.

1: No ability.

2: Score 5 in target Region.
Good card.

3: When you get a church in a region, this site gets +1 influence.

4: If you replace this site, put it in hand instead of Archive.
Good Gold Generator, just keep recycling this card for gold.

5: When one of your agent is neutralized, score 1 in this region.

6: If you control this Region, Opponent cannot score in it.
Nice to lockdown a region but I haven't seen much use in it personally.

1: Priest. Recover.

2: Priest. No ability.

3: Herald. On each Region, players score points according to their Site's influence.
Combos with Judgement Day memory for faster scoring. Affects both players.

4: Priest. Recover + You regain Gold twice as slow.
Under-cost Agent for a side-back.

5: Priest. Recover + Fierce + You regain Gold twice as fast.
Combos with Juan Borgia (Card above)?

6: When you launch this memory, lose all your Gold. Target Site or launching Site gets +1 influence for each Gold lost.
There is a Assassin Rare Card called Royal Intervention that does what this card + Borgia Cardinal combined. I reckon this is the "poor man's version" of the Assassin Rare. It's still a good game-winning card though.

1: Surprise. Target Agent gets -2/-0
-0/-X Memories are in Assassin Packs which also explains why those are better.

2: When a player launches a Scholar Action, he discards his Memory with the highest Cost (at random in case of tie)
One of the rare discard effects in Templar packs. Only works specifically against Scholars so it is situational.

3: All Media Agents have -2/-0

4: No ability.

5: Agents cannot campaign in this Region.
Agents already campaigning are not prevented. Good lockdown card.

6: All your Sites get +2 influence

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