Thursday, December 22, 2011

Templar Order Expertise Card List

Credits to Ubisoft for all the cards. Some of my comments on the Memories are in italics below the effects.

1: Soldier. No ability.

2: No ability.

3: Surprise. Target Agent gets +1/+1.

4: Citizen. Pay 2 gold: Surprise. Target Agent gets +1/+1.

5: Herald. Official + When this agents scores, it gets +2/+2.
Effect is permanent. Good card as it is semi-unblockable and grows into a big agent. (provided by Jools75 of Touch Arcade forums)

6: When one of your Agents campaigns on this region, it gets +1/+1.
Combos well with 0 cost or low cost Agents. Effect is permanent.

1: Soldier. No ability.

2: Soldier. No ability.

3: Soldier. No ability.

4: Soldier. No ability.

5: Soldier. No ability.

6: When you get an Agent in your HQ, score 2 in this region.
Tokens are counted too. (provided by Jools75 and ategaw of Touch Arcade forums)

1: Noble. Official.

2: Noble. Official.

3: Noble. Official.

4: Noble. Unblockable.
Although situational, I find Arquebusier (2 Memories above) to be more useful than this Agent.

5: Search your Sequence for a Noble or Herald. Put into hand and randomize Sequence.
Card tutoring. It needs better UI for selecting your card.

6: Noble. Official + Fierce. Agent resolves as a Surprise.
Due to speed of Surprise, this Agent is un-counterable.

1: No ability.

2: No ability.

3: Noble. Lose -0/-1, another Agent gains Safe.
Combos with mass destruction Memories?

4: Crime Actions cannot neutralize nor damage your Agents or Sites.

5: Erase target Agent or launching Agent.
Good card removal.

6: Herald. When this agent scores, erase another target Agent.
This will attract blockers fast! 

1: Noble. No ability.

2: Noble. Pay 8 gold: Action. this agent becomes a 4/4.
Good Memory throughout the game.

3: Noble. Your other Nobles have +1/+0
Effect is gone when this Agent is erased.

4: Noble. Target Agent gets +2/+2
Effect should be permanent.

5: Noble. This agent has +1/+1 for each other Noble you control.
Keep 0 cost or low cost Agents in HQ for the buff.

6: Your Nobles and Soldiers get +2/+2.
Effect should be permanent.

1: Surprise. Neutralize target launching Agent.
You have to be quick!

2: No ability.

3: Neutralize target launching Assassin Memory.
Pack specific. Situational.

4: Surprise. Neutralize target launching Memory.
This is the Counterspell of the game. I think 5 copies is automatic choice for any deck with Blue expertise. (Staple)

5: Official. Tap this Agent: Surprise. Neutralize target launching Memory by sacrificing this Agent.
5 More slower Counterspell.

6: Official. Pay 3 gold: Action. Neutralize target Assassin Agent. (Resolves as Surprise)

1: No ability.

2: Neutralize target launching Memory with cost 0 or 1.

3: Noble. Opponent gets +2 gold.
One of the best under-cost agent with a set-back.

4: Official.
The rare card that most people do not want when opening packs. Purple's Calling all Stand-ins is a much better card if you want a big Agent.

5: Templar Agents have +2/+0.
You should be playing Templar Agents if you use this anyway.

6: Neutralize all Sites.
Mass destruction card.

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