Sunday, December 25, 2011

Site-rush Deck/Red, Green & Yellow/Templar Only

25 Sites
5 Basilica Di San Pietro
5 City Stables
5 Quiet Chapel
5 Roma, Vaticano District
5 Lair of Romulus

25 Actions
5 Papal Bull
5 Judgement Day
5 Seeking Sanctuary
5 Field of Study
5 Papal Influence

Total: 50 Memories

I put in Papal Bull for defense. Lair of Romulus, Judgement Day and Papal Influence are game winning cards. Roma, Vaticano District can lockout Agents while still providing 2 influence which is quite versatile. This is one of the few Templar decks that can use the card-drawing Memory, Field of Study.

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