Sunday, December 25, 2011

Noble Deck/Blue/Templar Only

30 Agents
5 Teddor Viscardi
5 Dante Moro
5 Arquebusier
5 Beautiful Heiress
5 Carlo Grimadi
5 Emilio Barbarigo

5 Sites
5 Borgia Tower

15 Actions
5 By Order of the King
5 Forced Inheritance
5 Court Order

Total: 50 Memories

Semi-unblockable Agents backed up with Counterspell. Once you get Borgia Tower out, your Agents start to get bigger. By Order of the King serves to thin deck which is important as there is no other card drawing Memory available. Save Counterspell for opponent's mass destruction or game winning Memory.

Update: For Assassin cards, remove 5 Emilio Barbarigo for 5 Pre-emptive Strike. Use Baracus' Site for card list.

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